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On the 22nd of July, residents of the Meadous will wake to a note from Zephyr at their bedside.

Hi Everyone,

Horta told me that they have a surprise for all of you! They are going to be down by the beach for a few days, and they promised it was going to be a lot of fun. You should go check it out! =:3



The Events Calendar post for the plot is HERE



Jul. 16th, 2017 08:28 pm
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Hello hi, I'm Flurry, and I'm brand new! I'm bringing in yet another Snowblind refugee - Royce Melborn, from a book series called Riyria Revelations. I won't blame you if you've never heard of it. He's the grouchy tsundere half of a thieving duo called Riyria, and the last five months he's spent in Snowblind have not done any super great favors for him.

His application is here and his original app here if you feel like looking! Otherwise, I'm gonna snoop around and figure out how to slap an IC intro all up in this game.

Oh, and you can add me @tahdis on plurk, if you'd like! Look forward to playing with you all. c:
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Hey all! My name's Iddy and I'm bringing in Alfie Solomons from the BBC drama Peaky Blinders. He's an old-timey gangster coming to the Meadous by way of Snowblind, because who doesn't need more Norfinbury refugees starting shit? His app is here, his original app is here, and I should have an IC intro up shortly! I'm looking forward to playing with you guys. ♥

OH RIGHT and I'm [ profile] ihdreniel on plurk; feel free to add if you want!

And finally, I have an open log up for his intro.
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Hey Team,

First and foremost, as of 7/15, the Splitting Headache event officially ends. What this means is that the Meadous has a new feature! In the sand dunes north of the village now have a chasm that is at least six-feet deep and 20-feet long cut through them. The chasm is perfectly smooth and looks to be made of glass. Maybe don't fall in, or your might have some trouble getting out, even if the sides are semi-sloped. Zephyr will be leaving this particular mark on the Meadous as they have learned from their flock that Scars Have Meaning. This is a scar that the Meadous will, hopefully, learn something from.

In other news, our Events Calendar has been updated for the next few months! We're all very excited.

Finally, we will be putting up a post later today that will be specifically for contacting gods from other realms that characters are aware of. In order to avoid inundating any one mod, we'd ask that any one character only contact one or two gods at a maximum. We'll be putting a list of the gods below along with the mod who plays them so you have an idea of who will be responding to what. It can be assumed (through hand-wave) that at some point during the most recent public meeting, all of these gods were mentioned by someone. This means that any character has the opportunity to contact any god or godling on the list.
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Hello friends!! I am back, which probably only means something to a percentage of you smaller than 100%. My name is Riley, and I'm here with Jade Harley from Homestuck, with bonus Facility flavor!

She was here before, and will be aware of this, but probably have no idea that she was gone for, like, a year. Additionally unlike her fellow Faccers she's coming right from her tenure there, pretty much, so she's like 14 and tiny af.

She is also incredibly friendly, though, and will have no problem making friends with everyone! Please treat her kindly. Or don't, she won't really notice the difference unless there's malice.
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So, the time is Actually upon us for the Splitting Headache event. It's...taken longer to get through than I would have liked, but eh.

It's here! Follow that link to be taken to the IC post and get to dealing with the fallout. (If you want to.)

To run over the basic gist of the event: super powerful alien has a super dramatic meltdown and leaves evidence of it. And also hurts a people.It's not exclusive to Xan's CR, and everyone is welcome to wonder what the fuck happened, hunt him down, or do whatever they wish.

Xan will be MIA for a bit of the event, but expect an IC post about his return in a few days (it will probably just be on the event log, ok).

If anyone has any questions, or what any clarifications on things, feel free to ask either in this post or on plurk. (I can be reached at [ profile] daintily.)

+1 fox

Jun. 24th, 2017 05:59 pm
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Hello all! My name is Pan and I am completely new! Today I bring you one original character previously from Carvaka named Renart. Essentially she's the embodied folktale of Reynard the trickster fox and in her home world others existed such as Beowulf (her bestie), Alice Liddell, Rapunzel, Peter and Wendy, and the Sorcerer's Apprentice. Think Fable if you know Fables, these guys were created by the magical belief of enough humans knowing their tales. As well, every Fairy Tale's soul/mind/etc. is actually a book, their physical body is just used to interact with the world. More details on Fairy Tales are in her app. In Carvaka she spent some time making excellent friends like Undertaker and Monty (who is also her boyfriend) and having sex a lot to stave off nonexistence. She'll be glad for the break.

Renart is a lady who happens to have fox ears and a tail, which she is very proud of thank you. She's lazy as fuck and full of fox instincts, so she enjoys hobbies such as hunting small animals, eating them, petty theft and digging endless escape holes. She's also a big troll, and finds it hard to take most things seriously because she's lived long enough to see it all. Please enjoy your new trash animal and securely lock your chicken coops.

One more thing of note is that she has the ability to mind control people. Generally she tries not to use it these days and if it ever comes up mun permission and plotting are obviously required, but I've also got a blanket opt-out if you're more comfortable with that. It's all good! She's mostly turned over a new leaf.

I've been writing way too much for an ooc intro so I will leave you all with this beautiful example of nature's majesty:

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On the 16th of June, residents of the Meadous will wake to a note from Zephyr at their bedside. It's still subdued, but there's a little more of their usual verve creeping back in.

Hi Everyone,

Aunt Miwa gave me a new book series to read. It's called Meet Your Heart, and the first book is The Bronze Compass. She said the prize I handed out for the maze reminded her of it. There's The Clever Pen and The Silver Kaleidoscope, too. I haven't read those, yet, but I'm really looking forward to them. We have a book report due for class, and I thought I could maybe do a little extra for mine. I've been a little tired lately and haven't been up to snuff in class. I want to show Teacher I still really care! =:T

So, I want to try imitating some of the magic from the books. In it, everyone has a Heart, their magical other half that's an animal. The Hearts reflect a lot of who they really are inside, even when they might not always say things out loud or try to hide themselves. So, I guess that's the thing I should warn you about? Your Hearts are a part of you, but they're their own people who can think and talk for themselves.

Some other things you should know about Hearts is that it's really important that you stay close to each other. There are some characters in the books who can go really far from their Hearts, but they're a special race of magic-users called Lyrans. They have a ritual they do that lets them travel far apart from their Hearts, and their Hearts are always birds because Lyrans can fly around and they need their Heart to be able to, as well. Hearts can touch each other, but it's considered really bad to touch another person's Heart unless you're super close to them. Not even people who are fighting would dare to touch someone else's Heart.

And for anyone who wants to understand how you're connected to your Heart, it's through Stardust. Just check yes on this note at the bottom, and I'll make sure you get to meet your Heart, if you want to.


P.S. I'm sorry about the electricity and water lately. I'm trying to stabilize them again. I've been putting a lot of focus on protecting everyone, but I'll do my best.

P.P.S. I thought maybe you'd want to test your Hearts or just your mettle, so I set up an obstacle course for everyone in the southern meadow. I think you'll find it a real challenge!


The Events Calendar post for the plot is HERE

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Hey, team! Terri, here, with another English gentleman. Lord Montague D'Ysquith Navarro, Ninth Earl of Highhurst, or 'Monty' to anybody who wants to tell him he's being too stuffy.

Monty is a socially ambitious serial killer from the early 1900s who hails from a canon of black comedy. He's also a gentleman, of course! And a philanderer... and a petulant child who thinks he deserves better than he has because he's clever and his mother told him he did... also, he did a lot of hard work to earn it, dammit. Relatives don't just murder themselves via bees. Monty's pretty good at hiding those most of the time under a veneer of civility and honest earnestness, though. You might even say he's sweet a lot of the time. His heart bleeds as easily as the next man, particularly where matters of love are involved.

He's coming from the same place as Undertaker, Carvaka, a place where sex was the only way to remain in existence. He'll be delighted that's no longer a thing here, but rather heartbroken to have lost two loves of his life along with the majority of his chums and good acquaintances. Still, we press on, as fools do.

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The Disciple, one cat troll, has returned. And I, Terra, with her!
She's been gone for a couple months but I'd been absent for longer to be honest. But I'm back and ready to play with everyone again! To see what a mess has been made of it all. Tsk tsk.

She lives at 1337 Pound Cake Lane and has three maple trees in her backyard and a bunch of Alternian herbs around her door like a weird witch. But she's not a witch.

[ profile] terraminuit Add me on plurk if you'd like or pm me if you want to plot or talk!

AC Update!

Jun. 6th, 2017 08:20 pm
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In an effort to streamline our AC policy to make it easier for both our players and our mods, we are going to be removing the "Mailbox threads" designation. Mailbox threads will still count towards activity, but the points earned for thread length will be the same as any other thread: 10 points for the first ten comments, and 5 points for every ten comments after that.

This will go into effect for June's AC period, due July 7th.
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On the 3rd of June, residents of the Meadous will wake to a note from Zephyr at their bedside. More subdued than usual with the recent events, the note will read as follows:


I have someone that wants to meet you. Her name is Miwa, and she's my aunt. She's really nice. Whenever I feel bad, she always knows what to say to make me feel better. A lot of you have been sad or upset or angry lately. So if you're feeling like that, you should talk to her too. She's going to be staying in the Rec center for now. Please treat her well.



The Events Calendar post for the plot is HERE

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Thanks to Justin Law committing the first willful murder in the Meadous not tied to an undue influence, some changes are in store through the end of the month.

Specific changes:
  • Congrats! You now have your very own personal shield! No one can injure you. Unless you have specific permission from Zephyr (e.g., for kismesis).
  • Bad news! Utilities and food/item restocks are being affected. Dry goods in pantries will be much slower to restock and utilities may flicker periodically through the day.
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We've been asked to postpone the event that was scheduled for this weekend, so please note that we have revised the Event Calendar for the next two months!

Changes to note:
  • The Best Laid Plans, a surprise event, starts this weekend!
  • The Meet Your Heart event is moved up to June 17th, ending July 1st.
  • The player plot Splitting Headache is pushed back to July 8th, ending July 15th.
  • The event Summer Lovin' is pushed back to July 22nd, ending July 29th.
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Activity check begins today for the month of May! Remember to visit our Monthly Activity Check Page to update your points before the 7th!
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Hey, Team! Every month we put up an advert for the game on Enable Me Plz, the successor to App This Plz. EMP takes place at [personal profile] enablemeplz

If there are any characters or canons that you'd really like to see in the game, just fill out the form in the text box and post it in a comment, and we'll add it to the advert! EMP goes up on the last Saturday of the month, so please make sure all requests are in before that.

To make a request for EMP, just fill out this form and reply to this post. If you have multiple canon requests, please fill out a separate form for each one:

EDIT: We are now Live on EMP!
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Starting on the 20th of May, a new temporary feature will be added to the Meadous. The residents will wake to a note from Zephyr:

Hi Everyone,

I know we've all had a really tough time lately. Part of that is my fault. But I've been working on something that I hope you'll like! When everyone decided what I looked like, they said my form should change with the seasons. That's why my fur changes. In spring time, I get to be covered in really pretty flowers.

I went to a parade with Ara a little while ago where there were giant floats on wheels, all made up of flowers! They were really cool, and I'd never seen anything like them. So I've built some floats for all of you. =:3 You can play with them as you like, and there are flowers and all the supplies you need to build your own mini-floats, too. Have fun. I can't wait to see what you come up with.



The Events Calendar post for the plot is HERE

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Two updates, everyone!

1. We have changed the template for logs to remove the Rating. This was a carryover from older templates and we felt that the rating was just a little confusing and unnecessary given the presence of the Warnings line. Please make sure to note all content and trigger warnings for a log in this line for the log.

2. Given the implementation of our Retirement system, we've adjusted our character cap for individual players. You may have up to a maximum of three active characters and a total of 5 characters. We want to make certain no one feels they need to drop a retired character in order to bring in a new character, but still feel an overall character cap is needed to keep things balanced in such a small game. Have fun, everyone!
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Hi everyone! I'm Gray, [ profile] graygriffin on Plurk, and I'm bringing in Eliza Owens, my Pokemon OC from a now-dead forum RP. In between that and the Meadous, she's also been thrown into a murdergame where she became a magical girl, learned that they would have to kill each other, befriended several serial killers, died protecting one of them, nearly double-died due to messing with the living world too much, got revived, and officially adopted a serial killer and a teenage shopkeeper as older siblings.

She's still a pretty friendly girl overall, if perhaps with a slightly skewed morality, as well as a fierce loyalty to her friends. Luckily for her, she won't have to deal with another apparent murder right after getting out of that game. Although she might still be annoyed enough to punch Sherlock for treating it like a game.

I'm really excited to be joining you guys either way!